Through different artistic & investigative gifts, Fiyinfoluwa creatively helps children..

Develop good manners values confidence innate potential

This Is

Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga

F - Fantastic Actor (Nominee; Most Promising Actor (Kids Can Act project)

I - Inspirational Author

Y - Young Animal Researcher / human Storyteller

I - Incredible Speaker

N - Nurturer


About Fiyinfoluwa

Fiyinfoluwa is an eight-year-old student in third grade.  He is born to the family of Mr & Mrs. Asenuga.

He is a young Animal / Human Storyteller, Researcher & Speaker, passionate about animals and the moral lessons from their lifestyles. He recently launched an online learning platform called-@mannersandmore(WISDOM FROM THE ANIMAL KINGDOM). An educational solution geared to educating children on the characteristics, facts, and wisdom of different animals.

His vision in life is to see children live rightly according to the principles of God and wisdom learned from people, animals’ characteristics, and lifestyles.

Fiyinfoluwa’s best subjects include Verbal reasoning, Ettiquete, and Basic Science. His hobbies include drumming, drawing animals, dancing, singing, researching, inventing, and so on.

He got the 2022 MOST CREATIVE PUPIL AWARD from his school; Christ Algate School, Ojodu, Lagos.

He values family time a lot.

His handles on Instagram, Facebook & youtube – @fiyinsaysyoucan. @mannersmore

Madisa and the runaway cat

‘Madisa and the runaway cat’ is a book born out of a 9-year-old curiosity about animals’ lifestyles and what humans can learn from them.

It is a very educative storybook for children. The storyline, set of questions at the end of each chapter, meaning of difficult words & the vital information revealed about cats at the tail end of the book makes it a good read to teach anyone endurance, respect, understanding of others, patience, repentance, tolerance and also to promote deep love for research.

Let’s learn together!

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Fiyin Says "You Can!"

“Fiyinfoluwa Says You Can” is a program that inspires children to believe in themselves and use the talents within.

Manners & More

Manners & More is a learning platform that exposes children to the lifestyles , descriptions & wisdom that can be gotten from the animal kingdom.


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